Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In The Beginning.....

Hi everyone!!! Thanks for stopping in.

I am hoping this a place where we can all grow, learn and share about Gardening successes and challenges.  While I am no expert, my plan is to post my findings as I go along and grow in my journey. 

My frustration was that I kept trying to look for "simplified" explanations of HOW to successfully grow stuff... but could not find a DUMMY version for a newbie like me.

So, when I say "Simplified" I mean... ok... does this plant need full sun, part sun, what kind of soil and/or fertilizer.  What can and CANT grow together?  Does adding Molasses or other items help boost its growth?

THOSE are the questions I have starting out my garden this year.

I hope you will enjoy the journey with me and I look forward to learning from you too :)

Here is my FAVORITE seed store www.seedsnow.com.  I have been overly impressed with their customer service and their seeds are NON-GMO and heirloom.  I have had great luck getting them to germinate when I did it correctly :)

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